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Good Job Opportunity- Requirement of Diploma Holders/ Engineering Graduates for Network Roles- Immediate Requirement

Good job opportunity - Requirement of candidates for Network Roles

​Immediate Requirement:​

1) TSSC has a demand aggregation from an Industry Partner (MNC) for 250 Nos. of candidates for Network Roles (majorly for Telecom tower & Wireless Technician roles.)

2) The candidates will be required PAN India with qualification  - Diploma Holders/Engineering Graduates. On selection they will undergo a refresher training course of 50 hours through a nominated TP. Training will be conducted PAN India.

3) Financials - INR 2500 per candidate to be paid by candidates for top up refresher only after selection.
​ Rest amount of INR 3500 per candidate to be paid by candidates, once he/she gets the first stipend. ​(​70-80% placement assured)

Stipend/Internship - After successful training candidate will be absorbed as Interns at Rs. 9500 to 10,000 per month.

​4) After successful completion of a refresher training, candidates will be certified by TSSC.​

​5​) Share names of candidates with TSSC SPOC.

​6​) This will help you to meet your placement targets and claim 20% training fee set aside for the purpose.
Contact at -

Ms.Manisha Chawla

Respond urgently to avail of this opportunity.